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A True Irregular Warfare Aircraft


The Air Tractor® AT-802U is an economical single engine turboprop aircraft designed for surveillance, precision strike, and rugged dirt strip utility missions. The AT-802U combines an 8,000-lb. (3,629 kg) payload and 10-hour ISR mission capability with the flexibility and responsiveness of a manned weapon system – for a fraction of the cost of unmanned aerial vehicle systems.


» Real-time eye in the sky for ground troop support
Integrated fire control system
Training-focused force support
Small logistics footprint

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Air Truck 802U

AT-802U: For COIN / CAS Operations

Particularly well suited for force application and situational awareness roles in asymmetrical warfare theatres of operation, the AT-802U is both economical and effective.  Like a truck, the aircraft is utilitarian in nature: tough, powerful, and configurable to simply get the job done. It can maintain very long endurance over target and can employ a wide range of weapons simultaneously, with a high degree of accuracy to minimize collateral damage.  

The AT-802 is combat-proven in counter-drug operations in the USSOUTHCOM AOR by the U.S. Department of State. The reliable and field-repairable defensive armor has successfully defeated multiple bullet strikes and has been upgraded to defeat increasing threat levels.

Force Application AT802U

Battle Space Awareness AT802U


  Air Truck 802U

Economical Operations

An effective military force knows that training makes the difference when
lives and victory are at stake.  Configured with a tandem seat cockpit
and dual controls, the AT-802U is ideal for flight and weapons training
to develop tactics, techniques, and procedures.  Coupled with a total
package maintenance and flight training program, operators can quickly
transition into the airframe and get to work.

With more than 500 successful deliveries of AT-802 agricultural and firefighting aircraft worldwide, AT-802 production costs and timelines are well established.

A simple rugged design, reliable flight systems, robust electrical system, minimal ground support equipment, and the proven Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67F turbine engine give the AT-802U impressive performance with a very low operation cost. In fact, in counter-drug operations U.S. Department of State maintenance statistics show the AT-802 has an average of 1.7 maintenance man hours per flight hour.

Standard Features AT802U

  Air Truck 802U
From basic weapon systems to the most advanced, the AT-802U can be custom tailored to deliver what’s needed.
Whether providing air support for a remote border outpost or surveillance for a convoy, the 802U delivers impressive performance -- at a very low operation cost.
Weapon and sensor options are limitless with the AT-802U.
The AT-802U has an 8,000 lb. payload and 10-hour mission endurance.
The pilot and dedicated sensor operator give the AT-802U unmatched operational flexibility and responsiveness.
Tough, spring steel landing gear is FAA certificated to land at maximum load weight of 16,000 lbs. (7,257 kg). The AT-802U is able to operate from forward areas on rough strips and dirt roads with a full load of ordnance or fuel.
Tough, versatile and deadly.  The AT-802U brings firepower where it’s needed and at the best speed for maximum effect and minimized collateral damage.
Flexibility and responsiveness of manned weapon systems cannot be underestimated.  With loiter times similar to those of UAVs the AT-802U can remain with ground force commanders longer and at a fraction of the cost of current systems.
A retractable L3 Wescam MX-15Di sensor turret system and optional Compact Multi-Channel Data Link system allows commanders to see the battle space in real time.
The AT-802U, equipped with the .50 cal. GAU-19/A three-barrel Gatling gun.

Air Truck 802U



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